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Dr. Cattani Herbaceutical:
Pioneer in natural cosmetics and bio-packaging from sustainable production, with over 100 years of experience and in-house production
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As a pioneer, Dr. Cattani Herbaceutical has been producing all its products in-house since 1919 in Swiss quality, always fresh from the best available raw materials. New findings in processing and sustainable packaging are always incorporated. For the production we use only the best raw materials. Convince yourself of the effectiveness of nature!  We are convinced that you will also be satisfied with our products - just like all our previous customers.

Holidays from 23 December 2021 - 04 January 2022, all orders received by 19 December 2021 will be shipped before Christmas.

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Guide - the right care for your skin needs

The skin analysis - online questionnaire
As the skin takes over numerous functions, it is important to cleanse and care for it with the appropriate skin care substances. our comprehensive range is tailored to the different skin types. We have developed products for oily to dry skin. They moisturise the skin as required or remove excess oils from the skin so that it can breathe again.

In order to know which care and cleansing products are the right ones, it is necessary to carry out a skin analysis. Within the framework of such an analysis, we recommend the right care and application.
You fill in the questionnaire and after a few days you will receive our non-binding care recommendation

Send us the completed questionnaire to:
You will receive our maintenance proposal without obligation.



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