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His work lives on

The fact that the plants provide the answers for modern skincare is undisputed, and the sustained growth rates for years confirm this trend.

How can the natural treasures be used effectively for skin care? The idea of ​​the gentle and softly processing of precious vegetable oils with the basis of today's enterprise. The result was the exclusive fresh cosmetics manufactory, which is produced gently and smoothly in small batches in in-house production, witch can only orderd.


Healthy skin is a precious commodity that needs to be preserved. To do this, we engage with joy and enthusiasm every day, in an effort to produce high quality and well-tolerated face and body care products.

• If you are tired of handling chemical, synthetic, transparancy  ....

• When you are ready, that plant-cosmetics cares for your skin ....

• If you have realized that the future of cosmetics lies in nature ....

• If you want to learn about sandalwood from sustainable production

 ... then the time has come for rethinking, then you should do something.

Visit our exhibition, then let yourself be carried away by the sounds of master pianist 

seduce and enjoy our delicacies at the buffet.

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The exhibition is open to the public from 1 pm to 6 pm 

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We accept it through all the senses:            

via the eyes as

About the ears a

About the sense of touch as velvety

About the nose as a scen

On the palate the overall composition of an exquisite dinner

We are looking forward to your visit


From 05. sept. until 30 sept. 2021, the unique exhibition with seminars on the subject of medicinal plants will take place on the premises of Herboland in Lucerne.


Seminar calendar

The following medicinal plants are presented to you in a seminar cycle:

- Aloe vera

- Agave

- Barberry

- Ginkgo

- Houseleek

- Lavender

- Mahonia

- Olive

- Passion flower

- Rosemary

- Comfrey / Comfrey

The knowledge of the power of "green herbs" is still part of every family today. Medicinal plants can be used well for everyday complaints (digestive disorders, colds, injuries, rheumatism, urinary tract infections, strengthening the circulation and nerves). A prerequisite for responsible use is to know the possibilities and also the limits. In this course we offer you in six practical units expertly founded background knowledge for a safe application. The practical work provides security in dealing with the plants. Together we process medicinal plants into tea mixtures, ointments, tinctures - preparations which you can then integrate into your individual medicine chest.