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In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, our in-house laboratories not only constantly design, define and certify new recipes according to the latest findings. Existing formulations are also revised and expanded.

Medical examination

We have all products of the company Dr. Cattani Cosmetic, Memmingerberg respectively their bases formulations on their composition and starting materials manufactured formulations and could not detect any negative substances in its formulations.



For the biological and natural production of the products and its contents we cannot take any influence, this is subject only to the company Dr. Cattani.


We cannot conclude that an allergic reaction can occur for allergic persons of the contents of the recipes, this can only be excluded by a careful clarification of a specialist or a doctor.


For the recipes of all products of the company Dr. Gattanni we can only advocate and approve



Prof. Dr. Dr. Brigit Woodtli

Good compatibility

Dr. Cattani Cosmetic consists only of gentle, well-tolerated raw materials.
All products are also available without fragrance.

Minimal conservation

Low use of preservatives guarantees optimum freshness of the products for 12 months.


Dr. Cattani Cosmetic is based on high-quality vegetable oils such as almond, jojoba, wild rose, grape and apricot kernel oil.
Valuable natural ingredients such as marigold and lime blossom extracts promote and support the healthy balance of the skin. Dr. Cattani Cosmetic is gently and gently produced in our own laboratory according to the high-quality raw materials.

Transparent declaration

Dr. Cattani Cosmetic is declared according to INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) in descending order of quantity.

Animal experiments

We reject animal testing and support animal-free alternatives.


Dr. Cattani Cosmetic is biodegradable. The raw materials come, whenever possible, from organic cultivation.
Our local production sites and direct delivery to end customers guarantee short distribution channels.
As an ecologically oriented company, we want to conserve resources in the best possible way, in harmony with our suppliers and our customers.

Product safety

The products have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. Protection from heat and sun is important and recommended.

Storage between 

5° - max. 25° Celsius