Mission Statement Dr. Paul Cattani

clear - focused - unmistakabl

Dr. Cattani Herbaceutcal LTD is an independent company that manufactures high-quality facial and body care products based primarily on natural raw materials in the EU.

We want to further develop the production and marketing of facial and body care products.
At the same time, we are looking for new, compatible and gently produced raw materials and new, gentle production methods that round off our range.

We stand for a free market economy and a liberal attitude.

We strive for high professional standards, create attractive jobs and promote the further development of our employees. We attach great importance to respectful interpersonal relationships.

We achieve our goals through trusting and cooperative cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

Sustainability and a careful use of resources to protect the environment are important to us.

Dr. Cattani Herbaceutical LTD is an independent company, thus we secure the future and the further development of our company.

High quality standards

All formulations are medically and dermatologically tested and approved by Prof. Dr. Brigit Woodtli.

Natural raw materials from Europe

Dr. Cattani Cosmetic processes predominantly raw materials from Europe.

Own recipes

Dr. Paul Cattani developed all the recipes himself. His work was all taken over and further developed by Barbara Strixner, the current owner of the company.
The oldest recipes are from 1919.