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Love Power for Him

Almost everyone has heard of wild herbs in salads or as vegetables, and that teas made from camomile, mallow, primrose root or other wild plants have a healing effect on the body. But most people are not aware that wild plants can also be used for problems in love life, to increase potency and as a lust-enhancing agent. We set out to find out.

The term aphrodisiac comes from the name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who is not only a fertility goddess but also a sensual goddess of love. Aphrodisiacs are among the best-selling medicines in the world 

Plants cannot be limited to the level of active ingredients; they convey messages. Since time immemorial, people have used the power of plants to keep the fire alive.

The modes of action have been handed down orally or in writing; Pliny, Paracelsus and others described the different parts of plants and ways of using them to increase or regulate love life. 

Nettle was once forbidden in monasteries for men, but its effects were known.

With native herbs, Swiss recipe, made in Germany

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The seeds of the stinging nettle are used as an aphrodisiac. They give strength and have a stimulating effect on the blood circulation in the pelvis and genitals. That is why they are also an effective remedy for impotence. Guaiac wood has retained an important place in Indian medicine to this day as an incense for colds, as well as an aphrodisiac. Because the wood is so extremely hard, men believed that the hardness of the wood could be transferred to them in a sympathetic magic way, so to speak.

Spices and herbs, especially basil, are considered to promote love because of their sensually stimulating essential oils. Another reason is their vitamins, minerals and trace elements, because they contribute to a healthy and balanced diet - and thus simply to physical fitness.

Well-known kitchen herbs also belong to the love herbs. The ingredient apiin in parsley stimulates and promotes sensuality.

Love Power for Her

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The seeds of the stinging nettle are used as an aphrodisiac. They give strength and stimulate blood circulation in the pelvis. The pretty lady's mantle is not only a helpful love herb for women, it can also help men. Lady's mantle is one of the most important medicinal herbs for women and can be used for all women's ailments. Problems with the abdomen usually also affect the desire for love. Lady's mantle has a healing effect here; it also strengthens female organs and relaxes the abdomen. Red clover is considered an ancient remedy. Due to its ingredients, it is said to have various health-promoting effects. Red clover is particularly well known as a natural alternative to hormone therapy during the menopause. Women over 50 often suffer from the hormonal changes in the body. These include sweating and hot flushes, as well as depressive moods and sleep disturbances.