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Herboland - experience the garden!

Make natural cosmetics yourself in the herbal paradise

Discover our herb paradise.

Learn about the living fossil of the ginkgo tree.

Enjoy the idyll in our bamboo forest.

Experience the unique ambience in our event greenhouse.

Create your own natural cosmetics with us

Every day, skin, hair and all other organs are exposed to a lot of stressful environmental pollution. Bad air, heat, cold, pathogens, stress and many other factors can have negative consequences for our appearance and well-being.

Homemade care products are much more individual than industrial products and recipes can be individually adapted to your own needs. At first, the variety of oils, plants, and other ingredients may be terrifying. 
Now you have the opportunity to create your own products or gifts
Our "Rührcafe" is open on the following dates

Friday, 2022 February 18.
Friday, 2022 March 18.
Friday, 2022 April 22.
Friday, 2022  May 20.
from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

About Covid 19 you need to register, come, enjoy the oasis and let yourself be inspired.


Drinks are ready

Costs CHF 50.00 including 2 self-made products 



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