Manufacturing site

At Cattani Natural Cosmetics, all products are made from the best raw materials available, which are further processed using the latest technologies. We take care of everything from brainstorming to final execution. We are very proud of our work. We are convinced that you will be satisfied with our products - just like all our previous customers. Take a look at our product selection.








Dr. Cattani Cosmetic produces centrally in Memmingerberg (Bavaria/Germany).

The production facility is located in the adjacent industrial area of the airport and is therefore strategically equipped for all logistics requirements.

Manual skills and craftsmanship

as one of the very few cosmetic manufacturers we produce manually.
As a manufacturer, we can pay attention to the special features of the raw materials to be processed. The processing is therefore gentle, can be manufactured exactly to order date and can even be individually manufactured on special request.

Straight to the receiver

We supply our customers directly.