10 day cure Fit and tight in the spring

10 day cure Fit and tight in the spring

Fit for spring with the all-round pampering programme

Purify and detoxify with our footbath and alkaline tea.

Rounded off with an active shower gel, skin-friendly peeling and firming lotion for the body. Firm contours with little effort, but more success. Especially in summer, cellulite is an annoying companion. What to do? Fight cellulite with our 4 week program.

Thé régénerante - base tea - selected herbal mixture to support from within, promotes purificationDuring 4 weeks, drink 3 cups of peppermint, hechel, birch nettle, sweet clover and chamomile1 teaspoon of Thé régénerante with boiling water every day for 4 weeks, cover and allow to infuse for 10 minutes.

Body peeling Maris - Relax with sea salt, the skin is purified and tightened. Enriched with: Sea salt, coconut oil application: Massage the still dry skin with Bodyypeeling Maris with circular movements and then shower with lukewarm water.

Shower Gel La Brise - tangy, invigorating shower gel for a long-lasting freshness with rosemary oil, the ideal shower gel for frequent use. Thanks to its mild formulation, the skin is gently cleansed and protected from drying out. Application: Apply a hazelnut-sized blob of gel to moistened skin and foam, then rinse thoroughly.

Aperitif shower raffermissante - firming, quickly absorbing body oil. Apply to wet skin and massage in. Stimulates blood circulation and promotes detoxification. Enriched with ivy and ethereal grapefruit oil.

Pedibain vivifiant - A footbath is more than just getting wet feet, footbaths are a relief and have a strengthening and invigorating effect on the circulation. Enriched with rosemary oil.

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