Well-being package for 30 days

Well-being package for 30 days

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30 days wellness package with:

250 ml fitness 4 you

100 capsules Skin Balance Herbs

2 x 150 ml Skin Protect Sandalwood Gel

Skin Balance Herbs - Our herbal mixture is based on the knowledge of Bertrand Heidelberger, whereby our mixture was supplemented by further herbs that specifically support the skin from within. The mixture consists exclusively of powdered medicinal plants without chemical additives.

Contains: Aniseed, caraway, fennel, dandelion, juniper, yarrow, small beaverelle, turmeric, marigold, wormwood

Swallow 1 capsule each in the morning and evening with a glass of still water.

Fitness 4 you - for more verve and energy

Do you also sometimes struggle with laziness and tiredness? I'm just saying:

Vinegar, honey and herbs - three products that are indispensable in my life.

Sour honey to get everything going again and support it.

Doctors of antiquity, like Hippocrates, have already sworn by them.

The active acetic acid bacteria of a natural vinegar and cold stirred honey

contains about 200 ingredients, including amino acids, minerals, enzymes and much more in combination with dandelion, rosemary and horsetail provide pure power.

In the morning, mix one tablespoon of Fitness 4 you with 200ml warm water and enjoy

Bottled in a beautiful violet glass bottle, to protect the product optimally, without any additives, such as preservatives etc., completely natural

Also ideal for athletes - recommended on the Cologne Anti-Doping List

Skin Protect Sandalwood Gel

Already the Indians estimate before 5.000

years the healing powers of sandalwood. Externally in the form of

Applied with gel, the sandalwood soothes especially small

Skin injuries and skin irritations.

Sandalwood also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and

antibacterial. Thus Sandelwood gel relieves after

hair removal and closes small reddening areas

Pimples or cuts faster. Because: The ingredients

of the Face Protect Gel can inhibit cell division

support and accelerate many times over. As

Protective shield to be applied, suitable for men and women,



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