Vague bleue - blue wave

Vague bleue - blue wave

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The magic of fragrances - beauty is good for people

We take them in through all our senses: About the eyes as a picture

Over the ears as sound

About the sense of touch as velvety skin

About the nose as a fragrance

On the palate the overall composition of an exquisite dinner

Like a picture, a face, a sound, a scent can have a direct effect on our mind.

Fragrances are associated according to certain ideas, whether flowery, sweet, or sweet, others lively or reserved.

Perfume is a composition of several fragrances or essential oils.

As the orchestra groups itself around the first violin, so do the various essential oils around the basic substance.

Vague Bleue - frankincense and sandalwood form the basis of this sporty scent, first chord the freshness of Sicily with bergamot merging into the velvety, deep tones of the chord, for you and him