Comig soon - sustainable tea capsule - Nespresso compatible

Drinking tea is en vogue, as are wellness, relaxation and a sustainable lifestyle. We meet the needs of our customers with organically grown tea in aluminium- and plastic-free, compostable organic capsules for Nespresso ®** machines - enjoyment with a clear conscience. 
Ideal as a customer gift or as an extension of your product range


Sandalwood Tea Harmony
Sandalwood, liquorice, green tea, elderflower and lemongrass combined in this unique tea blend provide an incomparable experience of harmony and enjoyment.


Skin Balance Tea
Skin Balance Tea - Ideal supplement to Cattani Cosmetic products, selected herbs support the regeneration of the skin from the inside.
Contains: Peppermint, sweet clover, marigold, horsetail, coriander, liquorice, balm, Pansies, birch leaves, St. John's wort