Before - After - Acne treatment with Dr. Cattani

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Skin diary:

CW 45: -PREJOY- The package arrived and I was already totally taken with the loving packaging with hay inside. The design of the products is very high quality and attractive.


CW 46: -FIRST CHANGE- Already after a few days I clearly feel a change in my skin, the reddening goes down and the skin does not tighten anymore. WOW!!!

              The Fitness 4 you is an optimal substitute for coffee, I drink it in combination with my tea early in the office. Mega 😊


week 47: -FREE AND FRESH- The skin stops being oily, in the evening after work and early in the morning after getting up I always had oily skin on my forehead, nose and chin. This is now over.        


              My eye area also looks fresher. 😊


HC 48:-BYE BYE AKNE- The open, weeping and red spots have become considerably less. My skin is softer and smoother on the face.

              Even after epilating on the legs, Snadalwood Skin Protect Gel works super well. I use the Aloe Vera Gel early in the morning and the Skin Protect Gel in the evening, for my face.

              For me personally, the Aloe Vera Gel gives me a certain freshness kick in the morning and the Skin Protect Gel soothes me after removing my make-up in the evening.

              The herbal capsules for inner beauty also seem to show their effect, my inner well-being has simply improved.


Conclusion: I am simply speechless, I could cry with joy, I love these products.... Never again without. 😊

           Thank you Mrs Strixner You are my heroine. 😊 Enclosed please find my current skin picture. 😊

           You already have the previous model.