About Dr. Cattani natural cosmetic

Dr. Cattani Cosmetic was founded in Zurich in 1919 and accompanies its customers on their way to a more sustainable life and in solving skin problems.
We also support companies in the development and implementation of an integrated sustainability strategy.
The employees of Dr. Cattani Cosmetic are also committed to passing on knowledge - in the form of training courses for customers and lectures. 
Innovation and development were and are success factors for Dr. Cattani Cosmetic. The company owes its good position in the market to many customers for whom "a nose ahead" is also important.
Dr. Cattani cosemtic has developed steadily - the common thread always being the focus on personal responsibility, flexibility, appreciation of customers and employees and transparent communication. 
Dr. Cattani Cosemtic is independent. This makes it the right partner - for companies in the private sector as well as for public administrations and development or environmental organisations. 
Dr. Cattani Cosmetic became Dr. Cattani Herbaceutical in 2020, so the focus is clear.
Sustainable - innovative - committed and that since 1919


We work with different clients - local and global, small or large  Our principle is that we want to satisfy our customers with the best quality. That is why we pay special attention to the processing of high-quality raw materials and the guarantee of first-class customer service..


We are and will remain competitive because we continuously invest in new technologies and research. Our commitment to high quality ensures our success and your satisfaction.

1919-2019 - the Story



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